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Our work ethic, Mission statement and Concept

Our work ethic is simple we want to produce creative,beautifully filmed and edited films with powerful professional work

and performances with the hope of submitting to film festivals.

We credit all help we receive and we provide work portfolios to all involved.

And our primary aim is to help all involved gain improved skills to help assist with finding work in this industry.




Aspect Film Production are now a proud member of the British Filmmaker Alliance : http://britishfilmmakersalliance.com/







Delivery & Optimization


Once each project is complete, we offer digital uploads and DVDs. We host videos on Youtube & Vimeo.

And submit to international film festivals.









Our directors, actors and camera crew execute each production with a close eye on the treatment as well as adding a spark of artistic flare. We can accommodate productions of all shapes and sizes and really endeavour to get the most out of the production budget.

We provide free work portfolios for all our helpers including the actors with credits on the finished footage.








Editing & Digital Animation


We have a small team of editors who take the footage that our creative crew shoot and piece it all together. Our crew are closely involved in the whole process, it’s a real team effort.









Treatment and Concept Development


We work closely with the initial treatment for the production, and continue a close working relationship to ensure all our productions are of the highest quality.

Our primary aim is to provide new budding acting and crew talent with valuable experience and to provide help in finding work in this industry.










Live location Outside Broadcasting service


We have the capability to Broadcast stream full HD Live VOD service via any website.

Up-to 6 cameras swithced through our profesional live video/audio sound system equipment.


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